FaceBook and Games

Facebook Gamers have been complaining for some time now about some annoying aspects of the gaming experience when using Facebook. The Social Network Company is working to clean up their user interface and to get application spam under control. The changes will roll out over the next six months.

Facebook itself does not have games. Instead they are available by searching games on the top right hand corner. Here are some of the games that are available: Farmville, Fish World, Pillow Fight, Restaurant City, Petville, Farmtown, Happy Island, and Mind Jolt.


Here is a list of some of the changes that are expected to develop.

For Starters, smarter bookmarks: the left hand panel of bookmarks will now actually consider user behavior. There is a relevance algorithm involving the number of times in the last 30 days that you have used an application. Before, that left hand panel just sat there, doing nothing.

There is a stronger reengagement channel. Before: there was grey text for gaming notifications. Now: the gaming notifications will stand out more with blue bubbles. There is the ability to retract games requests, and Facebook will be moving requests to the left sidebar.

Requests to the Dashboards. Here gaming related requests will now be moved to the games dashboard for convenience sake.

Targeted Stream Posts plus Personalizing Stories: For people who don’t play games, the updates will be more specific, they will only see when a game is added, not the ongoing update notifications like “Monica is building a barn in FarmVille.”

There are Simplified Policy Changes: Facebook will be adding more changes and features in the upcoming months in order to streamline the social gaming experience.

Normally, you wouldn’t expect the gaming issue to be a big item in Facebook’s to-do list. But with about 200 million people playing games on a monthly basis, this perception is wrong.


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