COD Black Ops Breaks All The Records Yet Again

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 was the biggest selling game of its time, easily besting every other title out there. It was Activisons biggest selling game and it made them a whole lot of money. Nobody thought that Black Ops would be able to live up the incredible reviews and sales figures that came hand in hand with Modern Warfare 2.

Despite not having as good reviews as its predecessor, Black Ops has yet again gone and broken all the previous sales figures. Black Ops generated an incredible $360 million in revenue in the first 24 hours that it was on sale. This meant that Black Ops is now the biggest entertainment launch in history, stealing the title from Modern Warfare 2. Activision managed to shift an incredible 5.6 million copies of Black Ops on launch day, compared to the record breaking 4.7 million copies previously set by Modern Warfare 2.

So after enjoying record launch sales, Activision were looking forward to breaking the 5 day record sales crown. And it wasn’t too hard for them to do it either, today it was announced that the franchise sold over $650 million worldwide in its first 5 days. That’s 100 million more than what was held by the previous record holder, which happened to be Modern Warfare 2 with $550 million.

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick said that

“Call of Duty has become the first entertainment property in history to set five-day launch records for two consecutive years across all forms of entertainment.”

Activision claim that Black Ops has bested any release in “theatrical box office, book, and video game sales.”

Call Of Duty : Black Ops seems to be setting all the records, it even managed to set a new record for online Xbox Live game time, with 5.9 million hours logged on the first day, compared to 5.2 million logged with Modern Warfare 2.

So despite what some critics and gamers are saying, the Call Of Duty franchise seems to be growing more and more and it just keep setting new records all the time.

Where it will go from here whoever remains to be seen



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