iPad 2 Rumors Flying Around Already

Apple announced the first generation iPad back in January 2010, even though it wasn’t released until April. But in keeping with Apple’s one year product cycle, we should expect to see another iPad come about in January. So if a product announcement is due to come up, that must mean the blogosphere should be exploding with rumors, and of course it is.

DigiTimes is reporting that the Chinese-language Economy Daily News has listed five new features that we can expect from the Apple’s next tablet:

Front Facing Camera

This first one is pretty much a given, if Apple didn’t introduce this they would be pretty stupid in my opinion. I don’t see why it wasn’t there in the first place, but Apple have it in their iPods, iPhones and Computers so I’m sure they’ll be eager to get in into the iPad.

Thinner Glass

This one is sort of a no brainer too.. Steve Jobs has a constant obsession with getting everything thinner and lighter so anything that can be made smaller will be.

Retina Display

Whether or not Apple will put a retina display in the iPad remains to be seen as the display on it is already pretty impressive, but who’s complaining if they do?


This one is kind of obvious too, Apple are constantly marketing their products as gaming devices and the gyroscope only improves that experience. It’s already in the iPhone and iPod Touch so should find it’s way to the iPad.

USB Connector

This is the biggest question? Will Apple finally submit to the standard USB connection and get away from it’s own one? Apple signed up to be part of the Universal Standard Mini USB connection in the EU not to long ago so they will have to implement it, will be interesting to see if this comes about

But to be honest, this list is fairly predictable and if I was to think of one, I’d have something very similar. There’s also one other rumor going around that Apple are planning to release it on the same day as the Blackberry Playbook to really stir things up.

As usual, only time will tell, throw your ideas into the comments below

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  1. ipad 2 cases February 21, 2011 at 10:25 am #

    when is the ipad 2 coming out?

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