HP Drops Windows Home Server

Microsoft took a public relations battering this week when they announced that one of the most useful features in the OS, Drive Extender, a technology that allows you to add ever growning numbers of hard disks to a pool of data storage, was being ditched because they couldn’t resolve data corruption bugs.

Now, the largest maker of Windows Home Server systems, HP, has announced that it is dropping the product from its line-up.  The company will stop selling its MediaSmart Server line at the end of 2010 and will not be updating to the new version of the OS when it is released.

In a statement Microsoft said “This news is in no way related to recent announcements about feature changes in Windows Home Server ‘Vail'”, though of course they probably would say that.  They go on to say “Vail will have a big impact on the home media environment, providing an easy streaming and seamless digital file sharing experience for consumers, and Acer is excited to be alongside Microsoft delivering on this goal” says Gianpiero Morbello, Acer Group Corporate Vice President Marketing & Brand.”

The Drive Extender story has been bad for Microsoft and extremely bad for users of the software.  That said it doesn’t mean that existing version of Home Server will suddenly stop working, though anyone with large amounts of storage might want to avoid upgrading to the newest version of the OS when it finally arrives next year.


542 Responses to HP Drops Windows Home Server

  1. Everton Blair January 26, 2011 at 3:03 pm #

    after being a big fan and user of WHS, I ditched it just before christmas and now run Windows 7 on my ‘server’ machine. This allowed me to run windows media center on the same machine, which allowed me to sell one of my media centers on ebay – not incorporating WMC in Vail is a really daft decision by Microsoft

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