Google Chrome Event December 7th

It was much rumored that Google were going to be releasing a Chrome OS netbook in the coming weeks, and then a rumored announcement date of December 7th was thrown out to the web. Then Google decided it was time to let us in on the whole deal, and confirmed that a Chrome OS event is to be held on December 7th.

Now Google haven’t specifically said that they will be releasing a Chrome OS netbook, but they did say a while back that the Chrome OS is meant to be coming out around this time and should be available on some netbooks.

However, Engadget have also reported that it will be Atom-powered with only around 65,000 units available to Google’s closest “friends and families” so it would appear that the Chrome OS is still very much in beta form. Perhaps this announcement will be aimed at getting the OS into the hands of developers.

Google’s release of Chrome 8 the other day is also another step towards the Chrome OS coming to market. It launches with support for the Chrome Web/App store due to come very soon, it will probably come along with the Chrome OS since those apps make up a very large part of the cloud operating system.

It’s fairly short notice on the announcement, it’s to be held in San Francisco but it also conflicts with the D: Dive Into Mobile conference which will be happening a few miles north on the same day, so either Google planned this badly or did it on purpose.

So what do you think we will see, a release of a Chrome OS netbook or just the OS itself?

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