Google Renews Effort Behind Android Market, Still Left Far Behind By App Store

Apple’s iPhone is one of a kind. All the latest models of Android phones are lagging way behind this new release, especially when it comes to the App Store and its Android equivalent — the Marketplace. In response to the criticism it seems almost, Google has declared a new store client app for phones running on Android OS 1.6 or higher. With Cover Flow-like browsable control for Android phones, the makers of Android plan to add popular content like live wallpapers and widgets that will present a variety of information on a single page that will include the links, similar to how Apple’s App Store works. Google plans to cater to users with newer phones, in hoping that it will serve their purpose.

A change in policy on software returns and the release of commercial commodities instead of simple ad-supported headers, which is favored by Google, is also on the cards for the Android Market. The hardware fragmentation issues that have been plaguing the Android apps have been addressed, according to Google. They will now support target-based screen sizes and densities along with GL texture compression formats. However, one caveat still remains — Apple’s limits are 40x larger for iOS app downloads in comparison to Google’s Android markets’ 50MB.

Games larger than 300MB, like the latest Infinity Blade and GPS app having maps of the US and Canada, have been released on to the iOS platform. Users are allowed to download big apps from iTunes App Store via WiFi. This is not available in the Android Market. Only three games, as noted by Apple, are present on the Android Marketplace. John Carmack, a gaming legend, said that he was especially excited about the iPhone because he’s of the opinion that the gaming experience was much better on the iPhone than on Android phones. Not much progress has been seen in the Android Market on that count, though improvements in the gaming sector have continued.

This progress will however, not be obvious in the market as the developers are still not sure of their apps that are very ‘graphics-intensive’. A lot of market mismanagement has been noticed as Google, according to reports, has not been retuning investment as much as iPhone. iPhone has paid 50 times more and has proved to be of better quality than Google, which provides only certain high quality apps. Google  has also not allowed the usage of local currencies in order to buy foreign apps.

Spam and other infringements like trademark and copyright have also been seen to be monetized by Google.  This is widespread in the Android market. Spam ringtones, pretentious iTunes and paid Disney themes have cluttered the ranks of the multimedia category. These complaints have so far been overlooked. A study says that 97% of Asians, 70% of Europeans and 43% of North Americans have been using Android and gaming illegally on it. Android smart-phones are sold more in number as compared to iPhones because users are attracted to the stolen games and also because there’s a larger presence through multiple manufacturers and markets.

Google Ads even promote fake Android apps and thus they have successfully taken over the market. Game developer Rovio tweeted that that is how Google promotes business. For this reason, it has also faced consequences regarding poor security, unwittingly allowing users to collect private information. To build an equivalent platform for an iTunes-like app for Android and policing the software catalogue would mean quite an investment but it should not be that hard for one of the largest companies on the plaent! Google employees however, note that the release of web apps for Google’s Chrome OS platform has already taken the path towards rivaling Apple’s App Store. However, it is definitely a long, long way off from being an equal and a threat for Apple.

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12 Responses to Google Renews Effort Behind Android Market, Still Left Far Behind By App Store

  1. Unguitar December 21, 2010 at 5:16 am #

    “Android smart-phones are sold more in number as compared to iPhones because users are attracted to the stolen games and also because there’s a larger presence through multiple manufacturers and markets.”

    Can you please show the proof that game piracy is a driving factor or point me to the study that says this? Because as a consumer the things that attract me to android is its cheaper price, comparable apps, various form factors, non-exclusive networks (meaning android is available on many different cellular service providers), and its relative openess compared to apple.

    What apple did for the phone market was phenomenal but one must remember that when compared to featurephones the iPhone is extremely expensive and the android platform doing a great job at bringing the rest of the phone market to an accessible new level.

  2. waitingtosee December 21, 2010 at 4:13 pm #

    Google will do to Apple what Microsoft and IBM did back in the early 80s. Steve Jobs has not learned anything since then. He is still as greedy and closed minded as ever…

  3. Anger Management December 25, 2010 at 1:26 pm #

    I have an android phone, it is very good. Though I have not tried using its counterpart, the iphone.

  4. android market March 10, 2011 at 4:26 pm #

    Android Market is an open method, someone can publish content, all you need is to register, upload, describe and publish application or games.

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