German Company Creates Self-Erasing Facebook Photos

In a move that’s bound to prove popular, german company X-Pire is releasing a tool that will allow social networking websites such as Facebook and Flickr users to have an automatic expiration date for any photos they upload.

Effectively the tool allows users to encrypt their photos with an electronic key.  The user can then set the date on which that key expires.  When those photos are uploaded and viewed online they call X-Pire’s servers for the unlock code and this will only be issued if the key is still valid.

This is an extremely goo idea and a great tool to make sure that those drunken, but funny, photos are only visible for a short period and not forever.

One of the biggest problems with social networks is the availability of your photos that, perhaps you forget about, or that are open to everyone and search engines because the privacy settings are too complex.  This is an elegant solution to the problem.

The software will be available in a few days and, while it isn’t free, it’s very cheap at $2.6 per month.  There are a great many job hunters out there who will thank X-Pire most heartily for their efforts.


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