Cars Connected To The Cloud: The All-Electric Nissan Leaf

In an effort to build greater transparency between producer and purchaser, Airbiquity and Hitachi Automotive Systems have introduced a revolutionary connected services technology system that would enable electric vehicles (EVs) to operate more efficiently. The infrastructure for EVs such as the electric Leaf that is run by Nissan’s Information and Communication Technology system, (ICT) is provided by this collaborative solution. Nissan’s technological system offers drivers the benefit of tracking down battery charging stations and reaching destinations through routes that would cut down on electric consumption. The system also uses a global cloud maintained by Airbiquity for Nissan that ensures connectivity between drivers and Nissan operators. The ICT that the Leaf uses functions through a data mobilization process that ensures efficiency and makes entertainment available through their cloud-generated technology.

In order to build an effective system of communication, the new technology promises an absolute relationship of trust between the consumers and the manufacturers. The data-dependent system allows for instant information exchanges regarding a car’s battery status, efficiency, tire conditions and other such vital details. This system keeps the automobile producers on their toes so that they may keep a tab on the rate of functionality of their vehicles and make the necessary changes for the next line of cars to be manufactured. On the other hand, the drivers receive constant warnings about low batteries and tire pressures.

The technological revolution that has made access to vital knowledge easy and fast has been tapped by the automobile engineers to enable this project of constant information exchange between consumer and manufacturer. Ford has built its Sync computer system which ensures entertainment for its customers through a voice command-mobilization process that is both easy and state-of-the-art. This computer system also provides security measures such as the 911 operator connection which is highly effective during emergencies.

General Motors (GM) has proposed to inaugurate its new creation, a Buick that would enable video chatting, home surveillance and testing for any damages done to the car. This has been made possible through a collaboration of GM’s Onstar Service and Verizon’s 4G LTE network. Also, Nissan, Ford and GM have built smartphone applications that would operate with their respective Information and Communication Technology systems (ICT.).

The advent of the electric car is a relatively new phenomenon. Therefore, it comes with a price tag that might not be too purse-friendly. The accessories that automobiles like the Leaf or the Chevrolet Volt display, speak of a hard-to-ignore lifestyle cost. This display factor actually works towards fashioning the customer’s taste buds so that he may know what he is looking for and also, what the car is offering him. The car in turn promises to reflect the personality of its owner.

The one problem which arises in a digital era of surveillance is that of compromising one’s privacy. To this problem, the vice president of marketing at Airbiquity, Leo McCloskey offers the solution of cancelling one’s subscription to the ICT service that the automobile companies offer.

So over all, three of the largest car manufacturers in the US have started taking definitive steps towards the betterment of their new age cars. But the transition has not been a smooth one. Most of the car drivers are not avid readers of blogs like Connnected Internet and hence have hardly a clur about all this cloud and connectivity jargon. So in a funny turn of events, some Ford dealers are actually holding quick classes for new owners to explain all the hi-tech features of their new cars. So now, even your car will come with a thick and hard to understand programming manual.

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