MediaNavi- The New Remote Control App For Homes

Technicolor has brought out a fairly interesting media targeted platform called MediaNavi. This brings to you the newest possible ways to make living rooms the most exciting place in your house. It is at the moment in the shape of a tablet that connects and shares applications that have been provided by the manufacturing company itself. It can even connect to mobile phones and supported set-top boxes to share information between devices. Its aim is to provide an immersive and online TV experience through one single platform that will compliment every other entertainment platform that you might be using. It was launched earlier this month at the CES2011 in Las Vegas.

Technicolor, as you have most commonly heard of it, is the same company that since 1914 has been processing Hollywood movies. So who better than them to give a brand new twist to viewing films and enjoying them. MediaNavi is programmed to be a smart remote control app that will learn the choices of its user and will perform accordingly. The Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Technicolor mentioned that MediaNavi provides one with simple and seamless interaction between the consumer and their IPTV by getting their smartphones and set top boxes in the mix. And this interaction will also be social.

The company is currently developing MediaNavi apps for iOS, Android, Windows CE and WebOS in order to fulfill this promise. To further work on the viewer experience, Technicolo has joine hands with TalkTalk in the UK. Both the companies have started working towards the future integration of MediaNavi in to consumer devices. The most interesting feature of this product is that MediaNavi logs you in simply by recognizing you through the tablet camera and then it can also switch on a channel of your choice. So all you have to do is look in to the tablet and the two things that you do everyday are done!

Simply put, it is an enhanced remote control that not only changes channels for you but also navigates the varied forms of media especially via set-top box or the BBC iPlayer. It will automatically put forward the channels that it thinks you would like to watch or the sites you would like to browse through without you making the slightest effort to search for any of it. It will also provide various other content suggestions from different sources based what it has learned about you. Apart from this, there are many other apps that will keep you busy throughout your stay at home. Soon, it will also tell you who you should vote for and order health food for you because it thinks you need to lose weight to achieve your optimum BMI. Okay, so they are not really planning to do that but if this thing really learns so much about your tastes, it might as well expand its horizons a bit.

The MediaNavi library will show you what apps and/or lists are available at the moment along with the ones that you have stored on the device. It includes Live Guide, which shows you the channels that are on right now, as well as content available on the TV content from friends and authority sources. All of this goes hand in hand with social networking sites Twitter and Facebook. MediaNavi is definitely an ambitious project because it seeks to unite a market that is essentially one of the most fragmented ones in the consumer electronics segment. However, if it does succeed, it will add yet another gadget to your collection to marry all your other gadgets in to one viewing experience.

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