Chrome now has 10% Browser Market Share

While the world awaits the launch of Microsoft’s new Internet Explorer 9 web browser, wondering if it will help halt the continued demise of the world’s most popular web browser, it’s clear that their main rival is no longer Mozilla’s Firefox, but Google Chrome.

New figures released show that Chrome gained a further 0.72% of the market  last month putting it at 10.7% overall market share.  This is more than double the 5.2% market share it had this time last year.

Internet Explorer however has fallen to only 56% overall though this was mostly due to the loss of older versions of the OS.  IE8 gained 1.18% in the month, making it clear that people are leaving IE to move to Chrome.  Firefox also lost market share too and dropping back to 22.75%.

With the expected launch of IE9 only next week it will be interesting to see if Microsoft can claw things back.  It’s been obvious from the launch of their Windows Phone smartphone OS that, while it is an excellent product, the association with the name Windows, and the memories of Windows Mobile are holding it back.  It remains to be seen if IE9 suffers from the same bad feeling as people just think of Internet Explorer overall as buggy and insecure.  It’s worrying though that IE6 still maintains 11.6% of the overall browser market, largely I would suspect, to enterprises.

This is excellent news for Google however as the Chrome browser helps drive traffic to their search and advertising businesses.

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41 Responses to Chrome now has 10% Browser Market Share

  1. Sell Mobile Phone for Cash February 3, 2011 at 4:28 pm #

    I am sure one day Google chrome will be the leader in browser like in search engines.

  2. Swapon111 March 22, 2011 at 11:48 am #

    Google is always number 1 ………. so lets wait when it passed over all the other browser ….

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