Google Launches Android Market Web Store

Today Google announced a new web-based Android Market store which will make it easier for people to view and purchase applications for their smartphones and tablets.

They made the announcement today at a press event at the companies headquarters in Mountain View California. Up to this point Android users were only to get apps on their device by accessing the app store directly through their smartphone or tablet. Now user’s will have the option to install them from any web browser.

The updated Web-based Android Market can be accessed by going to and the site itself has received a much needed revamp. It’s got a lot more detail on it than the traditional Android Market client with more pictures as well as more ways to promote apps. It’s also easier now to view screenshots and user reviews.

The social side of things has also found it’s way into it, users can now recommend app purchases to their Twitter followers.

So now you can browse the app store from your computer as well as purchase them, then it will push the app to your phone and trigger the download for you. Google also announced in-app purchases, which will let users purchase things like virtual currency or additional levels etc… without having to leave the app. This feature should start appearing by the end of spring.

Also announced was better currency support. Developers will now be able to set the price for their apps by currency as well. So a $5 app hopefully won’t cost €3.62 anymore, more like a rounded figure such as €3.50 or €4

This updated app store then not only makes things easier for the user, but also for the developer, giving them more control over how their apps are presented.

Hopefully it will give the Android Market another boost, it’s done quite well all things considered, it did have a pretty late start. However it’s still dwarfed by the Apple App Store which has over 400,000 apps.

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