Rumor Round UP: New Phones And More iPad 2 Leaks

Current iPad

The new iPad 2 is almost here, with improved features and ergonomics and a lot of speculation and rumors as is normal for the industry. However, it is also being said that other than the dual core GPU and improved RAM speed (512MB RAM running at 1066 MHz), the Apple iPad 2 does not have anything new to offer. Apple of course has nothing to say about the rumors. It rumored to have a dual core 1.2 GHz CPU, as compared to the single core 1 GHz CPU in the first generation model and is therefore expected to provide a speed boost. Some obvious improvements are expected to include slimmer and thinner body with antiglare coating on the display for better reading in the daylight. The resolution (1024 x 768) however shall remain the same as the previous iPad. The Dual resolution cameras shall be like the one in iPod touch. It shall be launched in two parts, GSM and CDMA versions.

Apart from the second-generation iPads, there is a lot more to come our way in 2011. While Sony Ericsson is going to launch the next generation Vivaz handsets, rumors are in the air than LG is going to announce the launch of its new LG Optimus 3D. Whether it is a 3D phone or it is just the name, hasn’t been confirmed by the company as of now.

The Xperia X10

The Sony handset shall probably be named Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo in spite of the fact that it resembles the old Vivaz handset more than the XPERIA. It is said to be preparing for an unveil at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) that is coming up next on the Tech yearly calendar. Certain leaked sources say that the new handset will run an Android 2.3 install and will also feature an 8.1 mega pixel camera with the inclusion of a Bravia Display with an 854×480 resolution. At this rate, it is said that the Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo shall soon be at par with the already announced Xperia Arc and the yet unannounced Xperia Play. Sony’s going all out in order to woo the market right at the beginning of the year. Probably because the first XPERIA did not do that well in the market.

The leaked image of the Optimus 3D, credit:Phandroid

Other anonymous sources are talking about the LG Optimus 3D saying that the LG model shall feature a dual core CPU like the rumored A5 from Apple, multi channel RAM modules and a tentative screen size larger than 4” apart from a front facing camera (which is an in-demand feature right now). The resolution of the camera however could not be confirmed. From the images in circulation, it is guessed that it must be more powerful than the Dual Core 3D Droid X. There has been a sudden revolution-like increase in the 3D hype that has taken over the tech industry in the past year. Initially it was limited to theatres, televisions and now is gradually being introduced in monitors and now on to handhelds as well. As technology makes its progress, what manufacturers are looking into is creating 3D gadgets that shall do not require special 3D glasses for viewing. The pace at which things are making progress, it seems phones with 3D technology without having to use those glasses shall indeed become very common in the days to come. And that is not restricted to mobile phones either. Handheld gaming devices from the likes of Nintendo are also implementing the same technology to lure new markets.

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