Tablet News Round Up

Enspert had a surprise hidden for its customers at the recently concluded CES 2011. The company unveiled an Android tablet called E201, which looks quite impressive on the surface. Along with the release of this tablet, the company also revealed to the press that from this month, the company would be exporting 100 percent Google-certified Android tablets. The Android 2.2 tablet that sports a 7-inch screen would be ready for the consumers from the 1st of February. The new tablet is based on the Android platforms which will increase the compatibility of the tablet with already existing app, some of which are tablet friendly.

Notion Ink, the company that manufactures the Notion Ink Adam tablet ran into rough weather with its pre-orders. The company revealed that the customers who had ordered the product after checking it out at the recently concluded CES 2011, will not receive the product until the eve of Valentine’s Day at the end of this week. The company made it very clear right at the outset that the waiting time for customers pre-ordering the Notion Ink Adam tablet would increase under the present circumstances. The reason for this unexpected delay can be traced back to the accidental damage to the touchscreen components that happened during the transit of certain shipments. This damage meant that the company had to replace the existing Adam tablet units with a new touchscreens.

But replacement is bound to take a long time as the parts are supposed to arrive from their manufacturing hub in China. With the celebrations of the Chinese New year slated to commence from the first week of February, chances are that the arrival of the touchscreen replacement parts would be delayed even further

Whilst one company is experiencing problems with its damaged touchscreen shipments, the Barnes and Noble NOOK color has perfected its graphics with the Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb supporting its high definition images. The $250 tablet from B&N is happily sporting the more tablet-friendly version but it’s not official so far. When Google finally gets around to releasing Android 3.0 Honeycomb to the entire market, it would augment the performance of the Barnes and Noble tablet in leaps and bounds. Since the tablet was built using the previous version of the operating system, there are certain glitches that could not be solved with the current port. The accelerometer, sound and WiFi are still not compatible with Honeycomb but an official version is sure to fix that for good. At least that is what we hope will happen. Tablet manufacturers have this tendency to rush their products out the gate and hence overlook glaring problems untill it’s been all over the forums and blogs.

Meanwhile the Enspert Identity Tab E201 has tried to capitalise on the shortcomings of the Barnes and Noble tablet by offering to the customers a more full-proof option. This is possible because the former is coupled with the benefits of both Gmail and Android platforms. For a price of $350, you can get a tablet with a 512 MB RAM and a 8 GB Hard Disk. For seamless connectivity, it sports an 802.11b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth 2.1 device. This 800 x 480 tablet comes armed with a 1GHz Hummingbird processor which supports PowerVR SGX540 graphics.

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