Is There A Mini iPhone In The Works?

Rumors of a mini iPhone have once again started to do the rounds around the blogosphere. Way back when the iPhone was first released there were many people assuring us that an iPhone nano was just around the corner, but of course it never came to light.

Now however rumors of a mini iPhone have cropped up again from several reputable sources such as the WSJ and Bloomberg

The two reports are slightly different but they both cite people who are inside Apple or are very well linked. They both agree that this mini iPhone is a lot cheaper than the current iPhone and will go on sale, contract free for just $200 which would mean carriers could subsidize it and sell it for free.

There are rumors that it’s a third smaller than the current iPhone 4, and others saying that it’s half the size of the current iPhone but either way it definitely is a lot smaller. Some say that it’s Apples answer to the rising tide of Android devices which are currently starting to take over the mobile phone market mainly because they’re cheaper than the iPhone.

Some people are claiming to have actually seen prototypes of the device late last year saying that it has an edge-to-edge screen with voice navigation

However there have also been question marks over whether or not it will actually make it to market. According to these “sources” Apple has been aiming to unveil the device near mid year, probably along with the iPhone 5, but it may well be delayed or scrapped all together. Very few Apple employees are said to even know about the project.  Apple do regularly work on projects that never find there way to market.

It’ll be interesting to see how an mini iPhone would do, I think that edge-to-edge screen would look pretty cool, but it may cause problems for people who are a bit clumsy with their fingers.

What do you think of one?

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  1. Best Mobile Phones March 7, 2011 at 8:27 pm #

    It’s seems very nice, how much is this mini iphone ?

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