Users are Moving to Tablet, Replacing PC’s

A recent survey by the NPD group shows that consumers are starting to move away from the PC and over to the tablet.

What do Consumers Want?

According to the report, consumers have adapte their e-mail usage, Internet browsing, and social networking from their PC to a tablet, and consequently consumer PC usage is on the decline.

If you think about it, it makes sense. Why do you need a PC? If you are a business, for data gathering, manipulation, analysis, and control. If you are a gamer for speed. But what if you are neither? Just a lowly consumer, who likes to surf the web, share pictures on Facebook, and send and receive e-mail. That sums it up, in a nutshell. From a consumer’s point of view, the PC’s time has come and gone.


Thirty percent of tablet owners said they are e-mailing and browsing the Internet less on their PCs, and 28 percent said they are using social networking features less. Then among smartphone owners, e-mail has the most occurrence, even more than tablets, which come in with 35 percent of owners shifting their e-mail consumption from their computer to the phone.

Meanwhile, Internet browsing and social networking, have taken much less usage time from the PC when compared to tablets.

Overall, tablet owners are happy with the results of this migration away from their PC. In fact, levels of satisfaction are high ranging from 68 percent of consumers saying they were very satisfied with their Internet experience on their tablet, and 67 percent with e-mail, and finally to 60 percent were happy with social networking.

Tablet vs Mobile phone

Now compare those three tasks between tablet owners and mobile phone users. Smartphone owners are finding much less satisfaction when they shift usage to that platform. Fifty-nine percent of smartphone owners said they were very satisfied with e-mail, 49 percent with social networking, and 42 percent with browsing the Internet.

Overall, the tablet, because of its size, not too big, but bigger than a mobile phone, and not too heavy, but heavier than a mobile phone, allow users a comfortable working technology experience.

Source: ZDnet


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