TuneUpMedia – Review

If you have ever had a list of songs or music files that when you launched them, you didn’t know anything other than the song name? Sometimes you knew the artist, sometimes not. If you launch iTunes, you may see Track 01, and “Unknown Artist.” TuneUpMedia can remedy this problem.

TuneUpMedia can analyze your collection of music, find identical versions against its 90 million database of songs and music and complete your music library with titles, artists names, and version type. Another interesting feature is that you can get cover art for your music. You can fill in the gaps with pictures of your recording stars, or with pictures of album covers. TuneUpMedia goes out and discovers the music and any connections to the song, artist, or album. It works with iTunes and Windows Media Player.

In a way this is like Google. If you were to type in Google, “Who were the Beatles” you would get several million hits that mention the Beatles. Some of those hits would be about the Fab 4, others about their music, their politics, their albums, and so on. Well TuneUpMedia, does something like that. It “searches” for corresponding information about your song or artist and fills in what those connections are.

One of those connections is an alert about upcoming concerts in your area with a performing artist that you select. Will Bjork be in a concert in the area soon? How about Massive Attack; will they be in concert soon and in my city? If the artist will have a performance in the area (same state), then you will be notified about it, and you can plan accordingly.

You can get information about the artist from other sites, like Wikipedia. This is available through the Tuniverse tab. You will also see a music video provided by YouTube. This certainly fills in a complement of information that you now have available about the artist.  You can also share information about your favorite artist, song or album with Facebook.

PC and Mac Versions

Users will also be happy to know that the TuneUpMedia program is available on both Mac and PC computers.

Here are the requirements for a PC connection. The operating system can be Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista or Windows 7. The Processor must be a Pentium 4 processor or greater; with Dual Core recommended, and 2GB RAM, and 20 MB free hard drive space. The digital music must be in MP3, M4A or WMA format. Fast Internet connection is preferred, like DSL, or Cable with no proxy or corporate firewall. Finally you need iTunes 7.4 or greater or Windows Media Player 10+.

Here are the requirements for a Mac. They recommend an Intel or PowerPC Machine running 10.4 or later with 1GB RAM, and you need at least 50MB free hard drive space (depending on your collection’s size). You need a fast cable connection such as DSL or Cable without a proxy or corporate firewall in place. The digital music format is MP3 or M4A and iTunes 7.4 or greater.

The activation code is for one per machine, regardless of PC or Mac, and if you upgrade the OS, this does not count as a transfer; re-enter the activation code or ask for the original code.

There are three versions available, TuneUp Gold which sells for $29.95 and comes with unlimited song cleanups, unlimited cover art, unlimited concert alerts and unlimited access to the Tuniverse. TuneUP annual goes for 19.95 and comes with 1 year of song cleanups and cover art. But you get unlimited concert alerts and access to Tuniverse. TuneUp Lite if free. However, you get 100 song clean-ups and 50 cover art saves. But, like the other two versions you get unlimited concert alerts and access to Tuniverse.

Overall, this is a great product if you want to manage your music collection.

To download the software, click here.



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