Fix Your iTunes Library With Tune Up

TuneUp is a piece of software that I’ve been longing to review for a while now. After having multiple hard drive failures and recovering my music library several times, it’s safe to say that my iTunes library was in a sorry state. A lot of the track names were wrong and most of the artists and album information was missing, not to mention the artwork.

What I’ve foolishly done in the past is go through each track (all 1000+ of them) and painstakingly look up all the correct information for them, but I normally give up after 10 excruciating minutes praying for an easier way. And I’m finally delighted to announce that there is! TuneUp is that piece of software we’ve all been praying for that will fix your iTunes woes (it’s also compatible with Windows Media Player).

After using TuneUp on my iTunes library, I decided to put it to the ultimate test and see just how bad a music collection it could sort out. So what I did was start a fresh iTunes library and imported 30 songs with no information at all. Not a single track name, artist, album or genre attached to them, they were simply labelled “track 1”, “track 2” etc..

I really didn’t think TuneUp could sort this out, I mean there was no information what so ever for it to use to try and work out what songs they were, not to mention the album artwork and artist info.

So here’s how it went:

1.The installation process was simply and straightforward, I just downloaded TuneUp from their site and followed the installation process. One thing to note is you need to make sure iTunes is closed when you’re installing it.

2. Once it was installed and ready to go I fired up itunes and the TuneUp Companion opened up in a window beside it.

Before you can actually start cleaning up your library you need to register with TuneUp (and enter in your activation code if you purchased the full version of it) which is a simple and straightforward process and then you’re ready to go!

3. In the TuneUp Companion window you will see there is 5 labels, Clean, Cover Art, Tuniverse, Concerts and Share. For now we’ll focus on the Clean and I’ll talk about the others later on.

The feature that I used first as recommended by TuneUp was the “Clean” one. This basically will go through the songs you drag into the sidebar and find all the information for them.

I dragged all 30 songs from my library into the sidebar and let it do its thing.

4. It took a minute just to process the tracks but once it got going it identified each song in seconds.

Once TuneUp starts going through your songs it sorts them into 3 categories

  • Matches: High confidence rating (Pretty much certain match 90%+)
  • Likely Matches: Medium confidence rating (80%+)
  • Not Found: It was unable to find matches for those tracks

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