Twitter and Super8

Why are movies a success? Because they are good? Because of the publicity? Because of the main actors? Nope it’s because of the word of mouth. If you like a movie, you tell your friends, and they tell their friends, and so on. That’s why movie studios don’t advertise a movie beyond the first week of its launch. Word of mouth takes over. So it  is no surprise that Steven Spielberg and Paramount Studios will be using Twitter to launch the publicity campaign for Super8, which will be released in June.

Super8 is a story of a catastrophe. After a terrible train crash, a group of kids who must endure the arrival of an unknown force wreaking havoc on their community.

Paramount says that this is the first time it has launched a trailer on Twitter. By the same  token it’s also the first time Twitter has been the original home to the first run of a theatrical preview. But what this says about the rise of the social media is that it can be influential in more ways than previously envisioned. Film studios are starting to realize that social media could play a central role in the popularity of movies from now on.

Just think, within moments of the end of a movie, your friends are twitting the outcome. “You gotta see the movie.” or “Steer Clear.” Even if it is not a four star movie, it can benefit from the twits making their way through the social network. This says that if this process is a success, then wait for Facebook or other networks to become players in the Hollywood delivery system.

It also means that Hollywood will start looking for different ways to advertise their upcoming movies. The standard ways are for the stars to go to Letterman, The Tonight Show, etc. But now there may be Interviews on Facebook, or short YouTube videos.




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