Top Free Backup Software To Look At


FBackup is an easy to use backup program. Among its features it does mirror backups and has wizards for backup & restore. It also has file filters and it has internal scheduler.  It can create standard zip files or exact copies of files, plus it backs up open files and lets you protect your backed up files using zip passwords. In addition FBackup is free for both personal and commercial use settings. Cost: Free

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EASEUS Disk Copy

If you want to have a disk copy program that can work with any operating system, you should give Disk Copy a look at. This is a strong and viable freeware program providing sector to sector disk or partition copy regardless of the file systems or partition scheme. The sector to sector method assures you a copy identity to the original. This allows it to be used besides backup, for cloning, or upgrading your original small hard drive into a new larger drive.  It can backup anything from old hard drive including deleted, lost files and inaccessible data. Cost: Free

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DriveImage XML

Here is a slightly different backup program. DriveImage XML lets you backup logical drives and partitions to image files. You can also browse these images, view and extract files, restore the images to the same or a different drive, and you can copy directly from drive to drive.  By storing the images in XML file format, you can process them with 3rd party tools.  Restore images to drives without having to reboot. Cost Free


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Depending on your backup requirements, these freeware examples can provide you with an easy option to keep your files safe and secure. The FBackup may be the most comprehensive program listed here, but look at Easeus if you have diskcopy needs.  DriveImage lets you store your backup files in XML format.


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