Three Unique Programming Tools to Look At

Here are a group of programming tools that you may want to put in your development library.

Start with a SQL development analysis program.


Developing databases is an intriquite job. Especially if you are taxed with trying to compare databases. But this is where MSSQL. SchemaDiff can help. You can use MSSQL Schema Diff to compare database schemas.  Start with the schema’s because that is where you will see the organizational structure of the databases. So this program quickly locates  structural differences between two SQL Server databases.  When the operation is complete, the results are displayed with MSSQL objects in a familiar SQL Management Studio tree layout with property comparisons in a matching data grid. What is more, you get intuitive icons and color codes, which make it easy to spot differences.  Filter buttons then make it easy to narrow down just what is different or missing from one or the other database.  To put this in context try this simply select two MSSQL databases, click Compare, then browse the  differences.

Screen_Database Selection

[Download Link]

Game Develop

Now a different programming tools set is on game development.  So if you want to try your hand at game development here is a gaming develop program that you can use to start programming in that environment. Game Develop, the free game development software, allowing to create any kind of 2D game. Easy to learn and to use, powerful, with help file and examples included. The creation under Game Develop is entirely visual : Creation of objects, image insertion, objects positioning. The user interface allows you to preview your game and test it inside the editor, by simply clicking on a single button.  No line of code has to be written, Game Develop uses indeed a event system based on conditions, which have to been filled so as to execute actions. As for examples of programs developed by Game Develop see this link.

[Download Link]

Install Simple

Finally, after you have developed your application, you need to create an installation package. With Install Simple you can create installation package easily and quickly. You can give the steps for the installation, system requirements,  you can also provide the name and description of your software.



[Download Link]

These three programs, one for database, one for gaming, and one for the installation process can give you good insight about the different aspects of programming development or analysis.


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