Cloud Based Backup Options to Look At

We’ve been hearing about how the “Cloud” will change operations. For some businesses, it will mean a big change, as long as something like Amazon’s thunderstorm doesn’t happen to them. (Their cloud services was down for about 48 hours.) But for ordinary users, what does operating on the cloud mean?

Here are some backup programs that reside on the “Cloud.” They should help you begin to make an assessment about how important these options will be for you.


For starters let’s look at Microsoft’s SkyDrive.  It will provide you with 25 GB of free online storage for sharing Microsoft Office files, docs and photos. Backing up to the Cloud is a good way to test how good the services will be. If you start with something simple, that you know works and how it works, you have the makings of understanding how more sophisticated operations can take place.

What else? Well it is a password protected system, and it is free to use. All you need in a Windows Live account (create one … its free). You can also use Microsoft Office programs on line. You don’t even need to have it installed on your computer.

[Microsoft SkyDrive]


So let’s say that you’ve signed up for SkyDrive. Great. Now what? Well you want to access the storage on the Cloud. Right? Can it be easily done? Sure. Use SDExplorer, which works with SkyDrive and Explorer to make it look like your connection to the Cloud resembles a drive on your computer. Here is why you want to use it.

  • You make your work with SkyDrive more efficient;
  • You find the Web interface for SkyDrive  inconvenient and complex, so you want something simpler and easier to use.
  • You want to assign a drive letter to your SkyDrive folders;
  • You want to work with your cloud storage files quickly;
  • You want the data on your SkyDrive account to always be at your fingertips.



Another Cloud backup system id iDrive. It has a basic free system that lets you backup 5Gb of data. Then there are multiple plans available for more backup needs. You can backup SQL Databases, use it with your iPhone; and it is available for Mac as well.




These three Cloud Based Backup Options to Look At should provide you with the basics of Cloud operations. Nothing is more important than backup, and these backup-programs give you the incentive to take care of you data. Especially when it is free.


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