Android Has More Free Apps Than iOS

I think it’s safe to say that we all know that the Android Market is growing at a rapid pace. Every month there’s new reports on how Android sales have overtaken every other device on the market, so it’s only obvious that developers are going to be making more and more apps for it’s market.

Well according to the latest report from Distimo, Google’s Android Market now offers 134,342 free apps, while Apple’s App Store only has 121,845 free Apps. However, overall Apple still has the largest number of Apps at 333,214 while Android is a bit behind at 206,143.

If you look at the Android Market, you will see that there is more free apps than paid ones, on the contrary, Apple’s app store is the reverse, with many more paid apps than free ones.

While Apple’s App store is the largest, it was the slowest out of all the App stores in terms of growth for March.

Apple’s iPad App Store managed to grow by 12 percent last month to a reasonable 75,755 applications, with 34,120 of those designated for the iPad only. Overall when you combine the iPhone and iPad App Store Apple have an impressive 367,334 available.

Interestingly the iPad apps have become more expensive over time, while all the other app stores have gone in the opposite direction. The average iPad app price is now a steep $5.36 and only 30 percent of apps are free.

Distimo are also forecasting that RIM’s Blackberry App store will double in size over the next 6 months and will probably surpass Nokia’s Ovi Store by the end of May. What’s more, they expect the Android Market to continue growing at it’s furious pace and to become the largest App Store on the market within 5 months! That would put them ahead of Apple’s App Stores, Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, Blackberry App World and the Nokia Ovi Store.

Things aren’t really looking too good for Nokia’s Ovi Stores, the company itself is loosing a lot of its market share over the last couple of months, and Distimo reckon that Windows Phone 7 Marketplace will be larger than it within a couple of months.

Now these figures have been calculated by Distimo themselves, and are not supplied from the various App Markets themselves. However they are generally fairly accurate.

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  2. Mobile app development December 8, 2011 at 2:30 pm #

    I work in mobie application development sphere and there are more and more orders for Android OS. So I think in 2012 Android will be #1.

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