How To Increase Mobile Battery Life

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Most mobile phone users manage to use their batteries for quite some time, maybe one to years at the most depending on how they use their phone. This is quite understandable, as mobile phones are the virtual lifelines of individuals. Mobile phones are used every day at almost every hour, and so it is perfectly normal to think that the battery will degrade at some point.

Basically, there are several types of mobile phone batteries that can last longer when they are properly used. Simple habits can go a long way. To give you some tips, here are 8 ways on how you can extend the battery life of your phone:

1. Do not charge your phone more often unless it shows you are low in battery.

If you recharge your mobile phone every day, the capacity of your battery will be degraded. Depending on the battery type, the best time to recharge your battery is when it is low or empty. This will extend the battery’s life span longer. What is important is to avoid charging when unnecessary.

2. Turn off Wi-Fi and data connections.

Utilizing GPRS, Edge, 3G or Wi-Fi data connections wears out the battery too quickly. If you are not regularly using your phone for Wi-Fi or internet access, you can turn these options off to save battery life. Try to use your mobile phone without connecting to the Web, and observe the battery for a day—you will notice that you will not charge as frequently.

3. Lower the screen brightness.

Your phone looks great if it is set to maximum brightness. Unfortunately, it is not good for your battery. The display brightness uses more power and consumes the battery faster. Lowering brightness helps to extend battery life. What is important is that you are able to see clearly.

4. Avoid using your phone by playing games or listening to music.

The problem of all-around mobile phones is always the battery consumption. The battery of a typical smartphone runs out fast when games and the music player are played. The more you use your phone with these mobile applications, the shorter the life span of your battery. To lengthen the lifespan of your battery, bring a portable music player, gaming console and camera—all these are portable anyway.

5. Set phone to flight mode

If you do not want to make calls, use the internet or send text messages, but you want to keep your phone on, you can set it to flight mode to disconnect network connection temporarily to avoid extra power usage of your battery. When you are also in the plane for a long flight, it is best to set the phone to flight mode if you do not wish to turn it off.

6. Turn off Bluetooth.

Bluetooth consumes more power when not in use and can drain battery life. Turning it off will definitely maximize battery life. It is best to use this only when you are exchanging files.

7. Turn the phone off.

If you are not going to use your phone for some other reasons, or there is no service in the area, turning it off can save battery life.

8. Control the keypad tones, vibration function and ringtone volume.

The keypad tones and vibration function of mobile phones use additional battery power. Turning it off will help keep the battery stay longer. Also minimize the ring tone volume as low as possible when you least need it.

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    Do all of the above, and you have a paperweight. not a phone anymore…. what’s the point ?

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