How To Include More Than 3 Adsense Ads Per Page

In part I of my increasing Adsense Revenues series, I covered how to optimise revenues if you are using more than one adsense banner per page.

In Part II, I’m going to explain how DFP helps you maximise revenue from unsold inventory and how this can allow you to run more than 3 Adsense units per page, without breaking Google’s T &Cs.

DFP is a fully fledged ad serving platform that allows you to run multiple creatives with various targeting and pricing mechanisms:

  • Pricing: CPM, CPC, CPD and Sponsorship mechanisms are all supported
  • Targeting: Creative rotation, frequency capping, geotargeting and custom variables all supported
For each campaign that you load into DFP you set the value of the campaign and priority of the campaign.  The benefits of serving your campaigns via DFP, are that they will always compete with Google Adsense to ensure that the best performing ad is always shown to each user.  
For example, let’s pretend we’ve loaded up two campaigns into DFP that will run in four banner slots that we have on our site – 1 x leaderboard ad at the top, 1x 300×250 banner at the top of articles, 1x 300×250 banner in the sidebar and 1x 160×600 banner in the sidebar:
  • Campaign 1: 728×90, 300×250 and 160×600 creatives targeted to all four of our ad slots.  Rate=$1CPM
  • Campaign 2: 300×250 creative only targeted to article ad.  Rate=$1.5CPM
Once these campaigns are loaded, Google DFP will show these campaigns unless it thinks it can beat the CPM with Google Adsense.  For instance, if for US traffic DFP knows that the Adsense CPM is $2, then it will show a Google Adsense ad instead of our campaign, because the payment is higher.  If the Adsense CPM for non-US traffic is only $0.5CPM, then it won’t show Adsense ads for non-US traffic.
What would happen if the expected adsense performance is better than any of the campaigns available to serve?  Well, then for all four of our ad slots Google Adsense ads will be served.  Now, if these ads were served directly via Google Adsense this would be against Google Adsense T&Cs and you would eventually get your account closed.  However, because of the nature of the way DFP serves ads, you are allowed to run more than 3 adsense ads per page – you are only allowed to do this if you have targeted other campaigns to the ad slots:
You can have more than three ad slots enabled  for AdSense on a single page if the following criteria is met:1. The ad slots are not exclusively showing AdSense, and other line items are rotating through the slots.
2. If at any time, you have three slots that exclusively show AdSense, and no other line items are targeting the slots, then it is your responsibility to disable AdSense on your other slots in order to adhere to the AdSense Terms of Service. For example, say you have five ad slots on your page. All of them can be enabled for AdSense IF you have line items targeting the slots.

In summary, serving adsense ads via DFP :
  1. will increase your CPM as each ad slot will get the best adsense ads, rather than just the first slot
  2. allows you to control when adsense ads are served: adsense ads will be served only when DFP thinks the performance is better.  Adsense won’t be shown to users who make you no money
  3. optimizes ad delivery: e.g. if you have affiliate house ads, DFP can monitor the CPC and if the eCPM is better than other campaigns it will automatically deliver the ads more often
  4. allows you to serve more than 3 adsense ads per page

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  1. Vadym July 27, 2011 at 7:05 pm #

    I’m trying to make a website, Google Adsense setting. But the site all the time hanging on 4 page to search for and does not rise. What am I doing wrong??
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  2. PPC Agency Kent January 25, 2012 at 7:25 am #

    Every website owner can join Search engines AdSense plan, but Search engines does not take every website owner in AdSense plan.

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