Five Essential Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

One of my favourite features of Google Chrome is the extension synchronization.   Adding extensions to Google Chrome from the chrome web store is easy, and because Chrome adds new extensions in a very sensible way your toolbar never gets cluttered.  That is, unless you add dozens of extensions…..

If you are a Google Chrome user, here are Five Essential Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers.

Webpage Screenshot

Quickly capture screenshots, including whole webpage.  Drawing tools available allowing annotations to be quickly added.

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Click & Clean

This plugin is principally designed as a security tool to remove your browsing history, cookies etc but I use it to check site changes have been applied correctly, which can be difficult if your site uses caching plugins or software.

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Picnik Extension

Picnik is a great online tool for editing images.  With this extension you can automatically transfer images from the current page to Picnik.

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Checking out the competition?


This handy SEO tool shows you the Google PageRank of webpages beside the address box. The PageRank value is cached locally, so it doesn’t have to hit the server every time you switch tab. Moreover, click the icon in the popup window provides extensive information about web sites traffic – instantly find out how popular a web site is, its rank, and how fast it is growing

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RSS Subscription Extension

I’m amazed this isn’t a default part of Google Chrome.  This extensions adds a RSS icon to the addressbar/omnibox allowing you to subscribe quickly to RSS feeds.

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