Three Useful Blogging Tools for the Easily Distracted Blogger

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One of the most difficult aspects of professional blogging is remaining on task and focused on your work. As a freelance blogger, you tend to work from home and on your own schedule. While this is one of the major ploys for making a living as a blogger, it can also be the downfall for the easily distracted. Much of successful and therefore profitable blogging is about self-discipline and motivation. However, when the heart of your work relies on the use of the internet and a computer, it can be fairly easy to be under focused and highly distracted. As writers, we need quite, calm, and minimal platforms that are inspiring and motivating in which we work. Using a busy and complicated platform to produce our work can be frustrating and time wasting.

So many individuals enter the world of professional or hobby blogging thinking they can succeed with only their computer and mouse. While this is true to an extent, it can become difficult to stay on task and productive after a long period of time using distracting tools. Blogging is a difficult task to perform truly successfully. For this reason, blogging hopefuls should utilize every helpful tool they have available to them. Try one of these three blogging applications aimed to help bloggers stay focused on their writing process without too many distracting bells and whistles.


QuiteWrite is a free web app that allows users to have a full screen writing experience. Easily eliminating any distracting buttons, backgrounds, colors, and more, QuietWrite enables writers and bloggers to fully focus on their writing without having to worry about setting templates, using formatting, and styling text. This application is one of the more minimal writing platforms available and comes at the right price free. You can access QuiteWrite as an online workspace or download it for regular use. If you find that you become easily distracted with other elements of your computer or you are wasting your time trying to carefully format your writing before you actually finish writing it, QuietWrite helps de-clutter your writing experience.



Available only for Macs, Ommwriter is one of the strongest writing platform tools available. Focusing not only on distraction-less writing, Ommwriter also seeks to calm and relax you as you work. With several different fonts, sizes, colors, and backgrounds, Ommwriter allows each individual to personalize their workspace while still keeping it minimal. So, if staring at a completely blank screen is a daunting task, try personalizing your space with Ommwriter. With a consistent and soothing typing sound, Ommwriter enables bloggers to create a rhythm with their typing and become immersed in the flow of their work. You can also choose to play music gently in the background as you work. This app is perfect for the individual who seeks some sort of inspiration and interest in their work station, but still wishes for a clean and uncluttered space.

Pages App

Every individual has a different preference for their writing environment. While some may prefer the soothing and inspiring environment that Ommwriter offers, others may find the sounds, colors, and fonts too distracting to be worthwhile. For the individual that truly wishes for a blank slate, the Pages App is for you. This application provides a full screen experience, where the background of your computer is black and the page you are writing on is white. There are no buttons, font choices, colors, or sounds. This application cuts out all distraction and leaves the writer to just his mind and his page.

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