Apps For Managing the Workload of Online Colleges

In a surprisingly short period of time, smartphones have gotten to the point where they’ve become an essential commodity in our everyday lives. Their versatility and impressive app market has made them indispensable tools for every sector from business to education. Try and think of something that you’d like to do and there’s probably an app that will perform that specific function along with a dozen other things.

As far as college students are concerned, whether you’re attending any universities or top online colleges, it’s hard to keep track of everything. It’s this same concept that inspired the creation of many useful applications. Educational apps is one of the biggest markets where developers are creating new ways for a college student to more easily manage their busy day and numerous demands. Great apps for college students include:

iStudiez Pro

This app was developed to help students keep track of their schedules, but does far more than that and allows users to do everything from organize their homework assignments to keeping track of their grades in each class. You can alter the settings to give you alerts when a test, assignment, or presentation is coming up. This app can be used for more purposes than just students. Teachers have also found iStudiez Pro useful to keep track of all the needs and upcoming events for classes. It can also be useful to parents who are keeping tract of their young child’s schooling. This app costs $2.99, which brings it in on the expensive side, as far as apps go. There are free options you can choose from if you’re wanting comparable features for managing your workload.

Wikipedia Mobile

This free online encyclopedia has gotten a lot of blow back from many in the education field due to the nature of the way the information is gathered. The site relies heavily on user contribution and is discouraged among many collegiate programs, yet it remains one of the most popular ways for students to gain a quick overview of an idea, period, or topic. Though there are some instances where the information has been called into question, Wikipedia is still an excellent source that covers the gambit of most any topic you can think of, and the app is free which is always a bonus.


This application gives a fresh and improved approach to taking notes for classes. Evernote obviously would work for far more than just students, but it’s useful in almost any capacity. The goal of this app was to give users the ability to never forget a moment, idea, or quote. It can be used across many platforms and devices. You can do anything from creating text notes to snapshots of whiteboards or book text. You can capture almost any text or something that you want to remember for a later date. You can save web pages or any source material that might be useful when writing a paper or keep ideas for your next assignment. It’s an incredible note management system that’s perfect for anyone who needs to keep track of a dozen things at once.

If you’re in college or getting ready to head off to one, look at some of these apps to help you increase your performance in your educational exploits. If you check some of these apps out, you may find that they’re just as essential as a good pen, book bag, or computer. College students live a fast-paced and hectic existence that requires a lot, but you can lessen the stress by adding some management approaches through some of these apps. If these aren’t what you’re looking for, there are many more apps that you can choose from to get the most out of your college experience.

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