4 Fantastic reasons to upgrade iPhone 4S

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Apple has embarked finally with the iPhone 4S- the latest iPhone. Though this hottest device might disappoint its fan since it doesn’t carry the aura of mythical iPhone 5, however, it comes with great sophistication and innovation which is going to surprise people all across the world.

Even the current users of iPhone 4 would be lured to upgrade to this new device. The following are the four important reasons to upgrade from any device or iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S, let’s try to find what makes it different from the previous version:

The Siri responds in whatever you demand

Do you feel like having any helping hand or assistant reading out your text messages or weather forecast, gets for you a list of good food joint near your place, sets your alarm, tell you the time in any foreign language, checks your schedule and appointments and anything you would require to have. And if you want this to happen in your life, these all things are made possible with Siri, a personal assistant which comes in iPhone 4S. You can seek any help from this assistant as said above as it remains your handy helper for anything posed at any now and then. Siri is capable of understanding your needs and its context in a right way and hence respond in the same fashion as you expect from your assistant.

The camera competent in all point and shoots

Apple is known to claim using the best cameras in its iPhone devices. However, at this point of time the hype which we hear about the camera used in iPhone 4S seems to be coming true. The device promises a camera having 8 megapixel sensor, an enlarged aperture, new fifth lens, face detection with low motion blur which means that it is capable of handling the specs of point and shoot. Besides, the camera also permits you for some of the basic photo editing requirements, wherein you can crop and rotate the image, enhance the photo automatically and even remove the red eye. Furthermore, the iPhone 4S is equally competent in video shooting as well, wherein it shoots the HD video with 1080p.

iPhone 4S comes with more power

The device has the A5 chip which is the same dual core chip used in the iPad 2. This means that it is capable of carrying the workload with efficiency and power. So whatever you do, you get things in pace, for instance web pages can load much faster or with double speed. The applications runs fast and smooth, data which you will download gets fast with a speed of 14.4 Mbps and graphics has amazing speed. With such speed the battery has nothing to compromise in its life, you will find a nonstop eight hours talk time or 14 hours for the 2G, and while in 3G browsing you will get a six hour life and lastly with WiFi the browsing time comes to nine hours.

All time compatible phone

You don’t have to worry whether you use a GSM or CDMA, since the phone is competent in handling both. So wherever you travel in the world, you do not have to worry about these constraints. An excellent choice for business class people who travel abroad on a frequent basis for their business needs. With this competence, the iPhone 4S can move around on a GSM networks in about 200 countries making an ideal choice for business community people. Now you do not have to worry about your carrier, anyone is compatible over this new device.

Final Word

Certainly with these above four factors as discussed above in the article you have enough reason to upgrade to the latest device of Apple – the iPhone 4S. So with double power, great camera of 8 Megapixels and feature like the Siri, no one can afford losing this device for sure. So have it and enjoy the incredible things which comes in built in this latest device of Apple.

About the author: Kate is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on luxury and technology. Beside this she is fond of mobile games. In her free time she loves playing game on her cell phones.

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