Using Cell Phones for Blogging Mobility

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Smartphones have forever changed the way we interact with the world. Previously, blogging was done from the comfort of one’s home or at the most, an internet café. With the convenience of a cell phone, users can instead use the apps for their favorite blogging platforms in order to update their blogs while on the go.

This is handy for uploading pictures and capturing video of live events that would otherwise have to wait until you get home. Here are the top blogging apps available for iPhone and Android phones:


WordPress is the number one blogging platform in the world. It is used by millions of people across the globe, both as the self-hosted downloadable version and the managed version provided for free by

The WordPress app works with both of these services and makes it easy for bloggers to check their stats and update blogs while on the go. WordPress supports uploading pictures and video from your phone and you can even schedule posts directly from your phone.

The application is completely free for both iPhone and Android and is continuously updated by Automattic, the maintainers of the WordPress platform. Comments can be managed from within the app as well, so you can quickly follow the discussions generated by your blog throughout the day.


While Blogger is not the most popular platform for blogging, it was the first and is the reason the term ‘blogging’ exists. The Blogger interface is simple and easy to use and allows you to update your blog instantly. You can also interact with comments left and add comments to any threads that have been started.

The only downside of the app is that it doesn’t allow you to make any changes to your blog, so if you want to edit the sidebar or any other information you will have to access the site from a computer.


Tumblr has grown in popularity as a quick-blogging platform for posting pictures, small snippets of text or bits of audio that people will enjoy. Most Tumblr’s are designed around a specific theme, while others are used as a professional catalog for artists and writers.

Since Tumblr is based around its own social network with the ability to follow other people’s blogs, the app also lets you catch up on all of your follower’s activity. You can quickly browse their updates and favorite them, or even leave a note to tell them what you liked about the entry.

Mobile Tethering 

Since these apps are designed to post to your blog on the go, if you need to make changes to the design or other interface options, you will need to access your site from a real browser on a computer. Mobile tethering can help with this, as it allows you to use your cell phone as a modem to bridge your data so that your laptop can connect to the Internet. If there are no wi-fi hotspots available, then mobile tethering is often the only way you will be able to get Internet on your laptop.

Some carriers charge extra for mobile tethering and require you to have a plan specifically designed for tethering, so if you want to tether your laptop or tablet with your cell phone you will need to check your carrier policy to determine whether or not you are violating the terms of service.

Blake Sanders is a tech writer at phone comparison site Cell Phone Expert. Blake specializes in high speed internet, cell phones, as well as the latest in wireless internet provider news and information.

Note: Photo courtesy of doctorserone via FlickR Creative Commons.



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