Using A Public Hotspot? You Really Should Use A VPN

After being a Telewest/Virgin Media broadband customer for over 10 years, I recently switched to BT Infinity.  Performance has been good and I’m getting an average of 35/7.5Mbps from my 40/10Mbps (upgrading this year to 80/20Mbps) service so I’m happy.

One side benefit of becoming a BT Infinity customer is I now have access to over 3.5 million BT Fon and BT Openzone wifi hotspots.  Luckily I noticed in the BT Fon small print that they recommended using a VPN, because the wifi traffic on public hotspots isn’t encrpyted.  Without a personal VPN, hackers and data sniffers can tap into your connection on an unsecured public Wi-Fi Hotspot.

This was a real shock to my system as I’d never thought about the security implications of using a public hotspot before.  Luckily, I had a quick solution in that I’m a giganews subscriber which now includes a free VyprVPN account.  This lets me create a secure connection from any location and any device including laptops, mobile phones and tablets.

VyprVPN accounts start from $14.99, but an even better value option in my view is to get  a Giganews Diamond account for $24.99 for the first 3 months.  You then get access to VyprVPN as part of your Giganews package, as well as:

  • access to the best usenet provider: best retention, completion and the ability to max out any download connection
  • 30GB of free online backup

If you’re not sure, you can take Giganews for a spin free for 14 days by following this link.

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