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Google’s Nexus 7 Poised to Tackle Tablet Wars

Google’s first tablet, the Nexus 7, hits the market later this month. Running on Google’s immensely popular Android operating system, the Nexus 7 will be introduced at a much lower […]

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4 Fantastic reasons to upgrade iPhone 4S

The following are the four important reasons to upgrade from any device or iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S,

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My iPhone 5 Wishlist

I’m coming up to my second anniversary as an iPhone user, and here are the new features and improvements I’m hoping the iPhone 5 will include.

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Apple is #1

Reported today (05/09/11) from Reuters that Apple has surpassed Google as the most valued brand.  Google fell to number two after leading the pack for four years. Apple, the iPhone […]

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Updated:White iPhone 4 Launching This Week

Update: Apple have now officially announced that the white iPhone 4 will go on sale from April 28th.. I’m sure many of you have been following the whole saga around […]

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Apple Keeps Raking It In With Another Record Breaking Quarter

I’ve got to say, Apple are really doing well for themselves. All throughout this economic recession, they’ve consistently announced incredible profits for each quarter. Nearly every earnings announcement from them has broken […]

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Apple’s New Algorithm for Apps

About a month ago, Google changed its ranking algorithm which is used to identify which sites get to the top of the viewing area. For some companies, like Demand Studios, […]

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iPhone 5 Coming In September – Just A Spec Bump

Rumors have been floating all around the web over the last couple of weeks about the iPhone 5, Apple’s next gen iPhone. Traditionally Apple announce their next gen iPhone at […]

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ipadd 2

iPad 2 Ads Focus On Ease Of Use And Not Technology

Apple have released their first commercial for the iPad 2. In the past all Apple have had to do is show off a video demonstrating people using their products with […]

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Apple’s WWDC 6-10th June – No New iPhone 5

Today Apple announced the dates for its 2011 WWDC ( World Wide Developers Conference) It will be held from June 6th to June 10th inclusive at the (WWDC) from June 6th-10th […]

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Apple and Linux – Two Platforms that are Doing Well

Two stories appeared today that are worth talking about. One deals with Apple and its success in the market place. And one deals with Linux. They each have different marketing […]

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Top 10 Reasons To Buy The iPad 2

I’m sure most of you remember my post not too long ago, “5 Reasons Why You Don’t Need To Buy The iPad2” I was delighted to see that it sparked […]

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