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What is Buffering and How to Prevent it

If you’ve ever streamed or watched a video or some footage online, you may have experienced buffering. Essentially, buffering is evident when the footage you are watching or streaming stops […]

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Google’s Nexus 7 Poised to Tackle Tablet Wars

Google’s first tablet, the Nexus 7, hits the market later this month. Running on Google’s immensely popular Android operating system, the Nexus 7 will be introduced at a much lower […]

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The Samsung Galaxy Beam Smartphone Is on Its Way to the UK

The Samsung Galaxy Beam continues to offer all the traditional quality that customers expect. The soft, rubberised back is comfortable in your hand, and the ultra-slim feature is great for […]

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SEO TIP: Use Separate IP Addresses If You Interlink Your Sites

Hosting all sites on the same IP address is bad for SEO, especially if you link between sites. Read why here.

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SQL Commands To Help Manage WordPress Comments And Spam

After removing Disqus, I also realised what a poor job it had been doing with blocking spam so I had to spend some time removing these. Here are some of […]

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How To Only Display RSS Titles In WordPress Sidebar

Did you know that if you look at the html behind the default WordPress RSS widget, it doesn’t just show the titles from the RSS feeds you enter – the […]

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How To Add Your Author Image To Google Search Results

Adding Google Authorship support to your blog is simple to ensure that all your posts show your Google+ profile image.

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Using Cell Phones for Blogging Mobility

Smartphones have forever changed the way we interact with the world. Previously, blogging was done from the comfort of one’s home or at the most, an internet café. With the […]

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Reduce Number Of Plugins Used To Increase WordPress Speed

Speedup WordPress by removing useless plugins. Below you can see the 15 essential WordPress Plugins that I use.

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Three Useful Blogging Tools for the Easily Distracted Blogger

Try one of these three blogging applications aimed to help bloggers stay focused on their writing process without too many distracting bells and whistles.

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Five Essential Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

If you are a Google Chrome user, here are Five Essential Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers.

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Google Page Speed Service Launched

Google announced yesterday a new service designed to help speed up websites, Google Page Speed Service.

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