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Is Online Backup Secure?

The principles behind online backup and cloud storage services are quite simple. In most cases, in order to keep accurate and current copies of your information, a backup service will […]

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Top Notch PC games that you can expect in 2012

Here, let us review some of the most expected PC games scheduled for release in 2012 including Half Life 2 Episode 3 and Diablo 3.

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Microsoft wants to own Gaming

In an announcement that will come as no surprise to anyone, Microsoft Games Studios’ General manager Dave Luehmann has said that the company should be putting more resources into Games for […]

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Intel Wants To Charge You For Something Your Chip Can Already Do

Now I’m sure most of you know all about over clocking processor chips, heck I’m sure many of you are probably running machines with over clocked chips. You can buy […]

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Go Medieval With Algadon Free Online RPG

Most top Online RPGs charge fees to play or to purchase extra items, but there are some good free RPGs out there such as Algadon. Set in the mystical land […]

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How to Improve Your Battle Forums Experience

If you play Warcraft, you must be a member of Blizzard’s forums. These forums let players discuss not just Warcraft, but other Blizzard games as well (such as Diablo). Here […]

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A Sneak Peek Into Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The gaming addicts who are fond of the titles that offer cinematic FPS excitement swear by the ‘Call of Duty’ series of games. The earlier versions used the Second World […]

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BioWare’s ‘Dragon Age: Origins’ Will Satisfy The Seasoned Gamers

BioWare recently released its massive RPG saga titled ‘Dragon Age: Origins’ on several gaming platforms. However, this fantasy role playing game is so rich in story-line and content that casual […]

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Samsung T220

Samsung T220 Monitor: Response Times Important Even For Non Gamers

I recently quit my day job and I’m been working from home full-time for the last month.  My wife also quit her job at the same time and she’s joined […]

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