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10,000 Microsoft Kinect Users Set A New World Record

You’ve probably read this headline and are now slightly puzzled… I know I was when I first discovered the story. Let me break it down for you.  On April 23rd, […]

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Microsoft wants to own Gaming

In an announcement that will come as no surprise to anyone, Microsoft Games Studios’ General manager Dave Luehmann has said that the company should be putting more resources into Games for […]

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No More Red Ring OF Death In The New Xbox

Gamers may soon be rejoicing when Microsoft release the new Xbox 360 Slim edition which is expected to land sometime this fall alongside with Microsoft’s much anticipated “Kinect” which was previously called […]

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Project Natal

Microsoft and MTV Partner Ship for the E3 Expo 2010

Project Natal is a new Microsoft product and MTV Networks will be the partner to bring this event from Xbox and Cirque du Soleil to its viewers and gamers all […]

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Record Breaking Console Sales For December

It seems all the doom and gloom we’ve been experiencing for the last 12 months may finally be starting to turn around for us. Due to the economic downturn, the […]

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A Sneak Peek Into Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The gaming addicts who are fond of the titles that offer cinematic FPS excitement swear by the ‘Call of Duty’ series of games. The earlier versions used the Second World […]

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Facebook Comes To The Xbox And PS3

The popular social networking website Facebook, has now teamed up with Xbox and Playstation to bring Facebook to your game console. Now you can let all your friends know what […]

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Microsoft Disconnect Xbox Live Users With Modded Xbox 360s

Microsoft disconnected 600,000 Xbox 360 users, or 3% of all users, from Xbox Live today for having modified Xboxes that allow them to play pirated games.  Microsoft have booted the […]

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