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What is Buffering and How to Prevent it

If you’ve ever streamed or watched a video or some footage online, you may have experienced buffering. Essentially, buffering is evident when the footage you are watching or streaming stops […]

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Using A Public Hotspot? You Really Should Use A VPN

Without a personal VPN, hackers and data sniffers can tap into your connection on an unsecured public Wi-Fi Hotspot.

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What you need to know about Internet TV

Television watchers have a new way to enjoy their favourite shows, which is Internet protocol television, or IPTV for short. Essentially, IPTV is any service which plays television shows as […]

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broadband speed test

New Broadband Speed Test

If you think you aren’t getting your full broadband line speed, then use the broadband speed test results as ammunition to confront your ISP.

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Choosing a Broadband Internet Package for Online Gaming

If you’re in the market for an internet connection that will outshine your competitors’, what are the things you need to consider?

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U.K. Wireless Internet Demand Growing by the Day

With 18% of the UK’s population using smart phones alone and that number growing everyday, the implementation of portable Internet access has never been a more pressing issue for the […]

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Super WiFi Coming to the White Space Frequency

Google and Super WiFi

In telecommunications, white spaces refer to frequencies allocated to a broadcasting service but not used locally. Google would like to use white spaces for a “Super WiFi,” and they think they are one step closer toward […]

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New Subscribers are Moving to Verizon

Subscribers are on the march towards Verizon communications. Ever since Apple announced that its iPhone would be available for service besides AT&T, subscribers have been anxiously waiting for the iPhone […]

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BT to Trial 100Gb Fibre Broadband in Suffolk

As part of the UK’s plan to get Britain one of the best super-fast broadband networks in the world by 2015, British Telecom is set to trial the rollout of […]

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So Sue Me

If enough people resist, the “Hurt Locker” producers will face a similar quandary of having to pay high attorney fees in order to secure a settlement that may or may […]

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BT to roll out fibre broadband to 90% of Cornwall

British Telecom are pressing ahead with their high-speed fibre rollout and the latest country to benefit is Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly according to a report by the BBC. […]

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White Space

The White Space Spectrum

By implementing that plan, the FCC would free up around 500MHz of a new wireless spectrum within 10 years or so for commercial licensed and unlicensed use. The plan recommends […]

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