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5 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Web Browser

Most people end up choosing Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. But remember that there are other options. You may discover that certain browsers are more compatible with achieving your […]

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Five Essential Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

If you are a Google Chrome user, here are Five Essential Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers.

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Google Chrome Second Most Popular Browser In UK

Latest stats for browser usage in the UK shows that the Google Chrome browser has overhauled Firefox, to become the second most popular browser behind IE

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Potential Malware Threats Hit Chrome

Most of you are not surprised to hear that malware attacks can hit any browser, Internet Explorer is not necessarily weaker than other browsers in the security camp, they just […]

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Fast Reflection: How do 5 Browsers Perform?

There have been updates and releases to several browsers this month. So here is a quick comparison about how they pan out.  The browsers are IE9 vs Chrome 10 vs Firefox […]

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2 Security Alerts – Blackberry and Adobe

2 alerts are out dealing with vulnerabilities, one for Blackberry and the other for Adobe. Blackberry The research firm, Research in Motion (RIM), has taken the step to urge BlackBerry users […]

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Chrome now has 10% Browser Market Share

While the world awaits the launch of Microsoft’s new Internet Explorer 9 web browser, wondering if it will help halt the continued demise of the world’s most popular web browser, […]

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Skype add-on for Firefox caused 33K crashes

But the add-on caused serious performance problems, as well as crashing the browser for over a total of 33,000 times in a single week. Mozilla, didn’t give up easily. They […]

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Firefox 4 Beta 7 – Good News

Besides the JavaScript rendering, Firefox was one of the first browsers to incorporate hardware acceleration. Firefox 4 beta 7 uses your computer’s graphics card to load pages faster (provided the […]

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Google to Pay Cash to Find Security Vulnerabilities

Google recently paid two $1,337 bounties for work that lets Chrome avoid critical security problems by sidestepping vulnerabilities in Windows and the widely used glibc software library.

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New Changes Coming to Opera

For Opera’s business strategy, working with Android is a good fit. Google’s mobile operating system is spreading from the high-end smartphone area to the more affordable and mainstream devices where […]

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Square – The New Flash – Beta Version

Many applications companies have not gone the full rewrite mode yet. Part of it is cost. It would be expensive to rewrite an application. But the more challenging element is […]

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