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How To Add Your Author Image To Google Search Results

Adding Google Authorship support to your blog is simple to ensure that all your posts show your Google+ profile image.

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Will the End of Facebook Be Doing the World a Favour?

Identity theft cases are up 12%, mainly due to scams on social networking sites: Would we be better off without Facebook?

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The Pros and Cons of Data Mining with Facebook Applications

Should you share your data with Facebook? See the Pros and Cons of Data Mining with Facebook Applications, Social Plugins and Opengraph.

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First Tweet on Mount Everest

Twitter Makes It To The Top Of Mount Everest

I think we all know that one of the most challenging places to reach on earth is Mount Everest. Standing at 8,848 meters it’s the tallest mountain in the world, it’s […]

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Bin Laden Announcement Sets New Twitter Records

The announcement of Osama Bin Laden’s death last night had everyone in a frenzy, and it would seem that everyone felt the need to tweet about it on Twitter. After […]

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Mark Zuckerberg (Center) and the Winkelvoss Twins

Facebook: Who is the Real Owner?

Two stories have made the round about Facebook this week. One involving the twins, Winklevosses, who were appealing an earlier legal ruling stating that the twins will have to accept their original […]

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A New Dimension for FaceBook?

Medical information is easy to get now that so much of it is on the Internet. But how about getting medical information from a doctor, a real doctor, using FaceBook? […]

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The End of MySpace?

As social networks go, Facebook and Twitter are dominant. MySpace, which once was a dominant social network site, may be on the verge of collapsing. Consider that in one month […]

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Twitter and Super8

Why are movies a success? Because they are good? Because of the publicity? Because of the main actors? Nope it’s because of the word of mouth. If you like a movie, […]

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tps copy

New Twitter Record Set During Superbowl

While Superbowl 2011 has come and gone, along with it’s glitches and hickups, it did break a couple of records. 111 million people tuned into Fox to watch the game, […]

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facebook-logodisplay (Study)

Facebook U-Turns on Phone and Address Sharing

Let’s be honest, when it comes to personal data privacy, Facebook simply doesn’t get it!  The latest scandal to hit the social networking giant was the story a couple of days ago […]

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FaceBook’s New Access Policy

The problem with this is that is looks like the equivalent of handing your ID to an anonymous telemarketer somewhere in the world. It’s like if you order something online […]

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