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4 Fantastic reasons to upgrade iPhone 4S

The following are the four important reasons to upgrade from any device or iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S,

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My iPhone 5 Wishlist

I’m coming up to my second anniversary as an iPhone user, and here are the new features and improvements I’m hoping the iPhone 5 will include.

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Android Has More Free Apps Than iOS

I think it’s safe to say that we all know that the Android Market is growing at a rapid pace. Every month there’s new reports on how Android sales have […]

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Verizon iPhone 4 Still Suffering From Antennagate Issue

Apple’s iPhone 4 is undoubtedly one of the best smartphones on the market today, but it’s constantly plagued with the antennagate issue. Ever since the iPhone 4 was released on AT&T, frustrated […]

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Is There A Mini iPhone In The Works?

Rumors of a mini iPhone have once again started to do the rounds around the blogosphere. Way back when the iPhone was first released there were many people assuring us […]

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The leaked image of the Optimus 3D, credit:Phandroid

Rumor Round UP: New Phones And More iPad 2 Leaks

The new iPad 2 is almost here, with improved features and ergonomics and a lot of speculation and rumors as is normal for the industry. However, it is also being […]

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Android overtakes Symbian in smartphone sales  Technology - Windows Internet Explorer

Android Overtakes Symbian to Become #1

Google’s Android smartphone operating system finally overtook Nokia’s faltering Symbian in the last quarter to become the top-selling mobile OS. Figures obtained by research firm Canalys and published by the […]

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New Subscribers are Moving to Verizon

Subscribers are on the march towards Verizon communications. Ever since Apple announced that its iPhone would be available for service besides AT&T, subscribers have been anxiously waiting for the iPhone […]

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Apples Top Apps Of All Time

Apple’s App Store is one of the main reasons behind the success of the iPhone and iPad. Only 9 months after the App Store was launched back in 2008, it […]

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The End is Near… ATT loses its Exclusive hold in the iPHone

The “End is Near” at least that is what AT&T executives are saying as their exclusive hold on the iPhone is coming to an end. Come February, Apple will now […]

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Starbucks customers can use iPhone or Blackberry to make Payments

Starbucks could have used field communication technology to make payments, instead of barcode scanning. What turned the table was that field communication is not available everywhere. Actually, there was some […]

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Android Outselling iPhone In US, Second Worldwide

The Android onslaught is continuing, the relentless march to the top of the smartphone market share pyramid is not stopping, and there’s nothing Apple can do about it. Android is the leader […]

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