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LG 55 inch OLED TV

Currently it is the largest OLED TV in the world and also the best as the LG EM9600 was declared the “best product of the year 2012”.LG EM9600 is not […]

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How To Watch And Share Your TV From Your PC In Your Home and Online

I’ve been using an amazing computer program from DVBlogic in my home for just over a year that has transformed the way we watch tv within our household.  I have […]

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MediaNavi- The New Remote Control App For Homes

Technicolor has brought out a fairly interesting media targeted platform called MediaNavi. This brings to you the newest possible ways to make living rooms the most exciting place in your […]

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Samsung Aims High In TV Market Despite Setbacks

Samsung has high hopes for this year. They are targeting a 15% growth in the sales of flat-screen TVs in 2011 to 45 million units and hope to more than […]

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YouTube Now Supports 4K Resolution – So What…..

A couple of months ago YouTube made the news when they announced that they now supported full, 1080p HD video on its site. This was great news for many people, […]

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Why You May Want To Hurry Up On That LED LCD

Sony’s wildly expensive XBR8 televisions hit in 2008, and showed us all that LCD could finally reach the lofty heights of image quality attained previously by plasma. Sure, LCD performance […]

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Dear Santa: My Holiday 2009 Wish List

I’ve been Christmas shopping since the middle of October. The upside of that is that I am almost finished. The downside is that I keep finding cool new stuff or […]

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802.11n Router Buying Tip: Invest in 5Ghz

When I’m at home and relaxing, I love watching films and TV shows streamed off my Windows Home Server.  We have 3 media centers around our flat that display the […]

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How Long Will It Be Until We Need Petabyte Hard Drives

Mozy, an unlimited backup provider, just pulled together an interesting graphic to illustrate just how big a Petabyte is.  In total Mozy store 15 Petabytes, and they’ve calculated that one […]

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How To Watch Man Utd Vs Arsenal Champions League Football Online

Hmm, so much for my 3-1 Barcelona Vs Chelsea prediction last night! It was still an amazing game though.  I’m not sure which way the 2nd leg is going to […]

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Blue-Ray’s Dead

Looks like the boys behind Blu-Ray are up against a wall. This morning, I was browsing PCMag and discovered deplorable sales performance last quarter for Blu-ray. For those unaware of […]

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3 Technology Related Items to Look Forward to in 2009

As 2008 is coming to a close, we look back and should be proud of what we witnessed. In the end, I think it was once again the year of […]

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