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Make Google Chrome Always Open In Incognito Mode

Read how to start Google Chrome automatically in privacy mode.

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Google Pays Out for Security Hacks

Google has given then $14,000 in rewards for discovering critical and high-risk vulnerabilities affecting its Chrome web browser.

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Google Chrome Event December 7th

It was much rumored that Google were going to be releasing a Chrome OS netbook in the coming weeks, and then a rumored announcement date of December 7th was thrown out to […]

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Google to Pay Cash to Find Security Vulnerabilities

Google recently paid two $1,337 bounties for work that lets Chrome avoid critical security problems by sidestepping vulnerabilities in Windows and the widely used glibc software library.

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Google Adds Phishing URL Alerts

A phishing site tries to elicit personal information from a victim, usually this done by tricking the visitor to the site into believing that the page they’ve landed on is […]

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Google Planning To Launch Chrome OS Tablet With Verizon

Word on the web, courtesy of the downloadsquad is that Google and Verizon are teaming up to launch a tablet device, built by HTC to launch on November 26th. Apparently […]

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Google Chrome Has Flash Built In

Built-in Flash was only previously available in the developer and beta releases of the swift WebKit-based browser. So the release to the Stable channel means the integrated plug-in is now […]

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Google Headquarters Hacked

The origin of the problem, if you didn’t already know it, was that Google is no longer complying with China’s demand for censorship of the search engine. For Google it […]

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Tablet illustration by Gizmodo, Artist's Rendition

Google Is Making A Tablet, Too

Looks like Google is going to become (or at least try to become) everything that Apple is in an open source sort of way. After making the mobile OS that […]

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2009 Out With The Old…Looking Forward To 2010

2009 was a great year for technophiles. Android OS got me excited about wireless phones, which I’ve always had a strange aversion to. The eBook reader is evolving into something […]

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Google To Take New Strategies For Handling Printer Support In Its Upcoming OS

The preview of Google’s upcoming browser based OS named Chrome has created considerable buzz in the tech circles. It is being touted by Google as the next generation OS and […]

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Chrome OS Security: The Technical Aspects

After many months of anxious waiting and speculation Google revealed the preview edition of its upcoming Cloud based OS named Chrome. It has created considerable buzz in the industry and […]

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