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Apple and Linux – Two Platforms that are Doing Well

Two stories appeared today that are worth talking about. One deals with Apple and its success in the market place. And one deals with Linux. They each have different marketing […]

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new android market

Google Renews Effort Behind Android Market, Still Left Far Behind By App Store

Apple’s iPhone is one of a kind. All the latest models of Android phones are lagging way behind this new release, especially when it comes to the App Store and […]

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Multi-touch coming to Ubuntu Linux

With multi-touch gesture support absolutely everywhere now, it was only a matter of time before the largest Linux distributor, Ubuntu, announced it’s inclusion in their next version.  Now their founder […]

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Ubuntu’s Advantages Over Windows and Mac

The Ubuntu Software Library is similar to the iPhone App Store or the Android Market, at least from a user perspective. Here, you open it up, browse or search through […]

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Google Chrome Available for Mac and Linux

Previous versions of the Chrome, were not as solid as some of the competitors. But this one looks like it can stand on equal footing with Firefox.

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Soon to be released – Red Hat Enterprise Linux ver 6

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 works with virtual, physical, and cloud computing. It addresses technology shifts that are taking place in the modern IT environment. There are new and updated […]

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The FireFox look alike

North Korea Develops a Linux-Windows7 Like Operating System

Red Star is the Linux like Operating system with a Windows7 GUI. It also has an OpenOffice like office suite, and a FireFox like browser named My Country. Other features […]

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PathPartner home Screen Widgets

Indian Startup PathPartner Seeks To Put Android In Every Conceivable Media Device And Home Appliance

It was the middle of January last month, just after CES had given over, when I was contacted by a certain Mr. Vinay MK about their Android based project called […]

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Nokia’s N900 And X6 After The Release

Nokia has just started selling two new mega phones – the N900 and the X6. And the way they represent Nokia right now is very interesting. The Maemo5 running N900 […]

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Chrome OS Security: The Technical Aspects

After many months of anxious waiting and speculation Google revealed the preview edition of its upcoming Cloud based OS named Chrome. It has created considerable buzz in the industry and […]

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The Diversifying Android

Alright, so now that the Chrome OS is finally out, we can see how different they are. We also are reading about the many ways it can come together with […]

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Nokia To Shift To Maemo Full Time?

No, there is no evidence that suggests this and Symbian is far too large to drop altogether. Still, there are several factors that might push Maemo into the future and […]

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