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Where To Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Microsoft will be releasing the Windows 8 Beta today. Download links for the will be available in the Windows 8 Download Center

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Software for You to Become a Master Seducer

Below are some seduction tips accompanied by some useful software for you to become a master seducer!

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How To Watch And Share Your TV From Your PC In Your Home and Online

I’ve been using an amazing computer program from DVBlogic in my home for just over a year that has transformed the way we watch tv within our household.  I have […]

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3 Alternative Office Suites to Look At

If you like Microsoft Office 2010, but you would like to try something else. Or maybe you don’t like Microsoft Office and want to try something else, here are three […]

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Happy 25th Birthday To Windows

Time really does seem to fly, Windows 95 seems to be a bleak memory now when you think back to it, but what about Windows 1.0. Yes number 1, the […]

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It’s Troubleshooting Windows 7 Week! – Competition Time

The latest Microsoft Press book “Troubleshooting Windows 7 Inside Out” will be available to buy within two weeks and it’s been written by one of the editors/regular contributors here at […]

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Windows Phone 7 WILL Launch on October 11th

There’s been huge amounts of speculation about exactly when Microsoft would officially unveil Windows Phone 7 but now we finally have the date.  At a pre-announced event in New York […]

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Microsoft ASP Vulnerability Disclosed

The vulnerabilities exploited affect the framework used by about 25 percent of Web sites on the Web. The total impact of the attack will depend on the applications installed on […]

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Microsoft Mobile Operating Systems

How Many Mobile Operating Systems Does Microsoft Have?

The place where Microsoft is consolidating its OS story happens to be on the Windows Embedded Compact front. The majority of the six mobile OS’S run a variety of different […]

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W7PUG Cover

“Troubleshooting Windows 7 Inside Out” Coming October

You know what it’s like when you’re sitting on really great news for several months but you can’t tell anyone?  Well after a long period of frustration I can now […]

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The FireFox look alike

North Korea Develops a Linux-Windows7 Like Operating System

Red Star is the Linux like Operating system with a Windows7 GUI. It also has an OpenOffice like office suite, and a FireFox like browser named My Country. Other features […]

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Windows Phone Logo

How The Windows Phone 7 Series Is Refreshingly Different From Android And iPhone

Okay, so it looks like Microsoft has finally done something right. Window Phone 7 Series is a disaster of a name but a great mobile OS that, surprisingly, brings a […]

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