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What is Buffering and How to Prevent it

If you’ve ever streamed or watched a video or some footage online, you may have experienced buffering. Essentially, buffering is evident when the footage you are watching or streaming stops midway through and you have to wait for the bar at the bottom of the screen to move before play resumes.
There are a number of ways to prevent problems with playback and ensure there are no issues with buffering. The simplest way to prevent having to wait for a video to buffer is to, pause the video when it loads and allow a significant amount of buffer to build up.

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Is Online Backup Secure?

The principles behind online backup and cloud storage services are quite simple. In most cases, in order to keep accurate and current copies of your information, a backup service will most likely provide you with a piece of software to install on your computer.

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How To Only Display RSS Titles In WordPress Sidebar

Did you know that if you look at the html behind the default Wordpress RSS widget, it doesn’t just show the titles from the RSS feeds you enter – the full feed text is added to the page, even though only the titles are visible to readers. This probably isn’t a good idea for your keyword density, as this text is visible to search engines, but it’s easily fixed.

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5 Free Programs To Install On Your New PC

Many PC’s come with pre-installed software from manufacturers, most of it is bloatware and useless to the majority of users. A lot of it never really seems to work right, or […]

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The Best Way To Prevent Spam On Your Blog

Unfortunately with blogging, you have to take the good with the bad, and I’m afraid I know just as well as any other blogger how much spam you can get on […]

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Why Internet Explorer Tabs Open So Slowly And How To Fix Them

I know many of you may be shouting at me now saying, “Why do you even use IE in the first place!” Well first off, don’t worry, I don’t use […]

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HTML5 – Sites that Use it Now

Apple is committed to using HTML5, and it even has a link to Steve Jobs explanation of why Apple’s products, especially the iPhone and iPad, no longer support Flash.

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What You Need For A Good PageRank

The Google Pagerank is one of the most talked about terms on the blogosphere. Bloggers can spend hours researching and reading up to find out how they can get themselves […]

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Standards for HTML5 Are Hard to Come By

HTML5 has a number of important features. One is the ability to embed audio and video directly into a Web page without relying on Adobe Systems’ Flash Player plug-in.

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“Troubleshooting Windows 7 Inside Out” Coming October

You know what it’s like when you’re sitting on really great news for several months but you can’t tell anyone?  Well after a long period of frustration I can now […]

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ClearBits a Legal Torrent

ClearBits distributes artwork, open-licensed digital media, and datasets for content creators. They also host creative content in its entirety. The produce reliable and fast downloads. They also enable users to directly sponsor content producers and their work.

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How to Modify Your Opera Browser

Now, you can make modifications to your Opera browser by downloading files or copying code into the browser. Opera gives users the ability to modify its behaviour as well as the behaviour of the websites you visit.

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