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Apple's HTML5 Demo Site

HTML5 – Sites that Use it Now

Apple is committed to using HTML5, and it even has a link to Steve Jobs explanation of why Apple’s products, especially the iPhone and iPad, no longer support Flash.

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Standards for HTML5 Are Hard to Come By

HTML5 has a number of important features. One is the ability to embed audio and video directly into a Web page without relying on Adobe Systems’ Flash Player plug-in.

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How to Modify Your Opera Browser

Now, you can make modifications to your Opera browser by downloading files or copying code into the browser. Opera gives users the ability to modify its behaviour as well as […]

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Google Factoring In How Fast Sites Load In Search Results

With high speed internet and broadband widely available these days, web designers don’t have to worry half as much as they used to when designing sites. Even the most basic […]

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Webkit2 for Multiple Cores Architecture

The idea behind all of this is multiprocessor design. Multiprocess designs seem to be accelerating throughout the browser industry. One way is by moving plug-ins, such as Adobe Flash, to […]

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Will the iPad and Android stifle the world-wide web?

One of the big problems with the world’s “best browsing experience” on Apple’s new iPad is the complete absence of Adobe Flash support.  Shailpik Biswas wrote about this specific point […]

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How To Calculate Dimensions of Anything on your Screen

Designers and developers scrutinize others’ webpages and programs, looking for positive points which they can incorporate into their projects as well. Often they find the dimensions of a particular banner, […]

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RocketTheme Mynxx Theme

RocketTheme Adds WordPress Themes

WordPress bloggers rejoice! RocketTheme, designers of the world’s best looking Joomla! and phpBB3 templates has launched their WordPress Theme Club with a handful of WordPress offerings ported over from their […]

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Is It Time To Start Blocking Firefox Users?

All views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, Connected Internet or its proprietor. […]

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Validation Fail

There are a lot of good reasons to have valid markup on your web sites. In theory, if you use standards compliant code, then your standards compliant web site will […]

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Does Cloaking Still Make Sense?

Do you cloak? I wouldn’t touch that thing with a ten foot pole. In a nutshell, cloaking is that blackhat technique whereby sneaky software generates two kinds of webpages on […]

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10 Reasons Why Flash Is Better Than Silverlight

…or, why it’s better to stick with the devil you know. (more…)

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