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Web Design Use Torrents Safely With TorrentPrivacy

Web Design Use Torrents Safely With TorrentPrivacy

At the moment downloading is big news in the UK. Just today I saw a story on the news about how I games company where going after a unemployed single housewife for sharing a 3D Pinball game. In total she was looking at 16k in damages. Not a small amount for anyone, but even more when you don’t have a job.

If you are a user of torrents and you haven’t cracked how to use usenet which is a lot safer and untraceable, then you might want to check out TorrentPrivacy from, who have purchased this review, which allows you to use torrents without any chance of any unwanted snooping.

Setting up the service is simple and is very similar to setting up other torrent services. 3 connection points are available in Europe (Netherlands), the USA and Canada. Torrentreactor promise that all of the points are secure, so my recommendation is that you choose the connection point nearest to where you live in order to get the best speed possible.

In order to create a secure connection, all connections utilise 128bit encryption so even if anyone, including your ISP, tries to monitor what you are doing they won’t be able to. Encrytion will also help if your ISP throttles torrent usage as you might escape this because they won’t be able to identify it as torrent usage.

The service uses a customised version of my favourite torrent client utorrent, to download all torrents. Once everything’s setup you can download a test torrent from to see if everythhing is working ok. If everything is working correctly then you should see that your a different IP address to your own should be in use.

The only drawback I can see with the service is the price, with TorrentPrivacy costing $19.95/pm or $199.95/pa, which is a lot of money. There is however a special offer running in August, where both options are available for half the price. I guess the alternative for some users is paying big legal bills, but for that kind of monthly money you could go ‘legit’ and signup for a service like napster.

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